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Company objective: Strives for the development take the market as the guidance take the benefit as the center take the talented person as the basis take the prestige to promote the customer competitive power as the goal
Corporation greetings: The motherland is very big good we to be good
Corporation slogan: The happy work is happy
Corporation spirit: Fast sincere practical innovation
management idea: System first president second In the work manages in the heartless life to fill the true feelings Army + system + family
experience idea: Manages what by Germany by the letter serves us to manage is the talented person is not the product
personnel idea: Germany occupies merit preceding person its Germany its person of the enterprise idea: Considers for the customer for the staff happiness survives for own work for the company
staff idea: The true feelings personhood sincerity plans matters the good faith to be professional for this love hillock
staff goal: Reduction life fighting course comprehensive promotion earth person's life quality
enterprise values: Staff and enterprise synchronization development and benefit synchronization
society values: Carries out the scientific development concept construction harmonious society

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